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Charging Innovation Award

Recognising advancements in faster, longer lasting, safe and sustainable charging technologies

Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Innovation Award

Recognising innovative recycling solutions for used lithium-ion EV batteries to create a circular, sustainable economy

Start-Up of the Year Award 

Celebrating innovation and business growth across spin-out start-up companies less than three years old

Battery Design Award 

Recognising advancements in battery design

Advancements in Battery Materials Award 

Outstanding advancements in sustainable materials 

Graduate Award

Recognising an individual’s contributions at an early career stage. This category is open to individuals at graduate and post-graduate level within two years.

Research Contribution Award

Recognising research and development programmes

Supply Chain Innovation Award

Recognising equipment suppliers progressing the development of battery manufacturing in the UK

International Manufacturing Innovation Award

Recognising gigafactory development

Recruitment & Skills Innovation Award

Open to organisations with talent attraction initiatives with a drive to plug the skills demand gap in the battery manufacturing space

Company of Year Award

Recognising the outstanding contribution made to the UK battery sector as a whole